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Georgia to be converted to the ownerships country without any doubt.
the Georgian government transferred the registration of every social residence, accommodations, and housing to citizens from local authorities since 1922 and just collected the taxes. that’s why Georgia has the highest level of privet property in all around the world.
Georgia is in the second level of ownership after Romania, Compare with the other countries in the east of Europe.
so the biggest part of real estate shares of Georgia composed of abandoned buildings belongs to USSR ages.
but the situation changes so quickly and the old buildings substitution by the new and modern apartment.
and the good variety combination of different quality and prices exist in real estate marketing.
The Adonis holding approach to using specialized activities, be present in diversities of building construction project, the development of profitability, best able to contribute to the big projects, the ability to benefit from new and modern financial instruments and by research and development strategy of buildings construction try to strengthen its place in this industrial.
Adonis Real Estate company with the best, long and brilliant experience in buildings construction, rental, and sale of residential, commercial and office properties and by the employment of the strong team contains architects and active specializes ready to run your buildings projects.
what makes us different is our confidence is base of realistic to make you believe and trust us.
Usage of the last updating technology, materials, and design, operate and sales of luxury projects.
we have been able been operated tens of succeeding buildings projects in European’s countries made a luxury world Brand .